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A little about me and my work

Hi, and thanks for visiting my website and blog.

I have only recently set up this new website because I felt the need to start afresh. So there is lots more to come.

I am more motivated than ever right now to produce a multitude of paintings and illustrations that reflect who I truly am.

I have gone through a metamorphosis over the last year and changed my style of painting from acrylics to oils. Not only that, I have changed my whole approach and the way I tackle a painting.

For me its all about allowing the painting to take me on a journey. A line or a shape reminds me of something, so I develop it further in that direction and sometimes purely by accident another shape will appear that will lead me elsewhere. Or layers over layers shed a whole new light and give way to fresh forms.

Art has always been my passion and I find that as time goes on, I just become more obsessed with it.

I have never been one who has a huge production line of artworks going at once. I need to dive into each painting one at a time to discover what it holds and try to bring it forth. Its a spiritual experience for me that makes me feel at one with God. I feel so happy and fulfilled when I paint. I hope it shows in my work.

My main aim is to connect with the viewer on a deeper level than mundane everyday chit chat. I want them to find something in my paintings that really connects with them and heals them in some way or reminds them of who they really are. Art is a very subtle form of communication that reaches into the subconscious and can bring about positive change.

<table style="width: 181px;" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td><a href="https://www.houzz.com.au/pro/tarniart/tarniart"><img src="https://st.hzcdn.com/static_en-AU/badge181_25@2x.png" alt="Tania Weekes in Shortland, NSW, AU on Houzz" width="181" height="25" border="0" /></a></td></tr></table>